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Best Meal Kits For Families In Canada

With busy lives taking over Canadian households the one thing that gets overlooked is the importance of family cooking. Too many families are relying on going out for dinner or getting unhealthy fast food delivered by UberEats or SkipTheDishes. It’s time to return to our wholesome roots and get back to cooking family meals that are healthy and good for the whole family.

Although the lack of time is still a big factor for most families, you can now get the best of both worlds by having healthy meals delivered to your front door that you can either prepare yourself or simply warm up in an oven or microwave and have the peace of mind knowing you are providing a healthy meal for your family.

To get you started we have gathered a list of amazing home meal delivery kits that will provide you delicious recipes, healthy and nutritious ingredients and well portioned meals that will satisfy everyone in your family! Check out Canada’s best meal delivery kits for families.

All Recommended Meal Kits For Canadian Families

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Chefs Plate

Top spot goes to Chef's Plate who are based in Toronto. They have flexible meal plans for every type of family and diets and they tend to be a little cheaper then most meal kit sites.

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Hello fresh

Next up is Hello Fresh who have a great family meal plan at an affordable price of approximately $5.40 per serving. You can get up to 4 different recipes every week which serve a family of 4.

Benefits of Family Meal Kits

Family cooking has waned over the years because our time is limited. Going to a grocery store, searching aisles for ingredients that are from an online recipe and then waiting in line is time consuming. Throw in the fact that then you need to come home and prepare the meal and you start to see why pizza delivery or Kraft Mac and Cheese become the staple in many homes in Canada. Family cooking in itself can be a full time job!

Meal delivery kits are made to make your life easier by skipping the grocery trip and giving you the playbook for a quick easy to make family meal. You can even speed up the process if you get a premade meal that you can simply heat up in the microwave or cook in the oven. Spend less time, less stress by having professional chefs do the work for you.

Save Time and Money

Search for a recipe, read reviews about the recipe, make a list of what you need for the recipe, drive to the grocery store, search for ingredients, stand in line to check out, drive home, prepare meal…now try to do that a few times a week! Family cooking is great and is to be encouraged but why not take advantage of all the prep work that home meal delivery kits provide and save a bunch of steps and get to the fun part of cooking the meal!

When you clean out your fridge and freezer and throw stuff out you quickly realize that it’s your hard earned money you’ve just tossed in the trash. When you go grocery shopping it’s easy to throw in extra stuff you don’t need because it’s on sale or you buy too much of something for a recipe because it doesn’t come in a smaller container. Buying a meal kit for a whole family gives you the exact amount of ingredients you need to make your meal so nothing is wasted. Remember that if you join multiple home delivery companies you can actually get free meals or large savings on your original purchase.

What to Look for when choosing a family meal kit

The companies that we have ranked highest on our lists are the ones that do the best job in providing top quality food and service for families. Below you will see what the best things to look for that can differentiate family meal kits from company to company.

Quality of Ingredients

The best meal kit companies source only the finest ingredients available and often source local farmers and sellers in Canada to provide the freshest, seasonal ingredients that are most often not genetically modified (non GMO). Some meal delivery companies try to focus exclusively on organic food products, making your choice a healthier choice.

Quick, Easy to Make Recipes

Not only cooking time is a factor but clean up can be time consuming too! Some companies offer one pot meals or quick cook options that can really save your kitchen time cooking and cleaning. Big meals are great on weekends but maybe during the week finding those pop in the oven meal kits may just be what’s needed.

What meal Service fits your lifestyle the best

Not all meal kits services are the same and you need to find the ones that are most convenient for you and your family. Knowing how long for a delivery from the time you order or being able to select days you want your food delivery can be important for some households. A flexible subscription plan is important too. Most of the top food delivery sites give you the option of skipping weeks, pausing your deliveries or cancelling them if you aren’t happy with the product. Being able to pause or skip is great for households that sign up to multiple delivery sites and want to have even more variety and will decide weekly where to order from.

Healthy, Delicious Meals for The Whole Family

All the top home meal kits that we promote have a focus on natural ingredients and avoid processed foods that are causing health problems for Canadians. When you go to a grocery store, anything outside of the fresh meats and vegetables section can be classified as processed. Frozen foods are full of preservatives to keep the food edible for a number of months and stuff that comes in boxes often will have artificial substances to make it more appealing to consumers.

With a meal kit, you can choose which company uses high quality ingredients and in some cases will help support local farmers by buying meats and vegetables directly from them to cut down the costs to you and to offer the freshest healthiest product to you.

Diverse Menus For Every Diet Style

If you have ever cooked for adults and kids you know that it is not easy. Young kids are picky, teens can sometimes eat their weight in one sitting and adults need to watch what they eat and have portion control to maintain their health. Busy parents just don’t have time to cater to everyone as if it’s a restaurant.

Meal kits for families can make it easy to diversify your meal so that everyone in the family can be satisfied. Cooking experts and nutritional gurus have helped meal delivery companies create countless kid-friendly recipes that turn greens into meals that the picky ones enjoy and create the right balance for the still growing teens and the health conscious parent.

The best family meal kits for canadians

1) Chefs Plate

Delivery Zones – All of Canada
Shipping Cost  – Free
Family Price Per Serving – $4.50 to $8.99
Prep Time – Aprox. 15 to 40 mins

Visit Chefs Plate now for 50% off your 1st order

chefs plate family kits

For busy Canadian families or those who simply don’t like the amount of work that goes into cooking a healthy, delicious meal Chefs Plate is the perfect solution. Chefs plate is a meal kit delivery service that delivers organic, healthy meals for the family every week or for how often you choose.

They have a meal plan option specifically for families at an affordable price. The prices can range from as low $35 a week depending on how many recipes you choose when creating your subscription. You can get up to 4 different recipes each week from a selection of up to 12 different meals each week. All ingredients come from local Canadian farms in your area which is our favourite aspect about ordering from Chefs plate.

2) Hello Fresh

Delivery Zones – ONT, MB, SK, AB, BC, QC, NL
Shipping Cost  – Free
Family Price Per Serving – $5.16
Prep Time – Aprox. 20 to 40 mins

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hello fresh kits