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Best Meat Subscription Boxes

Although there is a huge wave of people that are trying to move to plant based or vegetarian diets there will always be people (I being one of them) that believes Meat is King! A few years ago someone sent me as a gift a Meat Subscription box and ever since I have been hooked on the “Meat in a Box” concept. This past year I have tried various meat delivery kits and I have broken down which are the best ones around.

Our Top Meat Delivery Services

15% off your 1st order
Promo Code – HDM15

Delivery Area
US, Canada, UK


Carnivore club is the perfect subscription for the true caveman in the family. They provide premium Artisan meats from charcuterie boards to amazing jerk products. They deliver to both US and Canada and no minimum commitment is required.

2 Sirloin Steaks Free
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Delivery Area
Canada Only


truLocal is one of the most popular meat delivery services in Canada providing 100% grass fed beef from local farmers. They provide free delivery for every box you order and as a bonus if you use promo code – HDMKSTEAK – they will throw in 2 top sirloin steaks on your 1st delivery.

What is A Meat Subscription Box?

Unlike other meal delivery kits or services, Meat Subscription boxes focus solely on meat (although fish is also included in the packages if you choose). You won’t be getting vegetables, or side dishes to create full meals – you can order beef steaks, pork, chicken, salmon, briskets…the list goes on. There are also meat in a box kits that are more charcuterie style that sends to you monthly a selection of artisanal meats that are more for a smaller serving or sampling that would be served to guests as part of a charcuterie board or for you to try out different artisan meats.

carnivore club meats

Delivery Zones – US & Canada
Monthly Subscriptions from $24 to $39

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Unlike the other meat delivery companies, Carnivore Club is a “Meat of the Month Club” type of membership that will send you a different variety of artisan meats each month (or less if you want to spread it out) that you would typically find on a charcuterie board in a restaurant. Regular selections will have such meats as: handcrafted salamis, prosciuttos, bacon, jerky, sopressatas, pepperoni, chorizo etc.

If you join Carnivore Club you’ll have a choice of two types of boxes to receive each month – a snack box and the classic box. Each box is filled with four to six handcrafted premium cured meats from top artisans around the world. These are high quality meats made using the best ingredients.

Best of all, you can set up your deliveries that come every month, 2 months, 3 months but best of all if you aren’t sure about Carnivore Club you can choose to just get a one time order and not worry about a reoccurring charge on your card. If you like it, you can go online and start a regular delivery no problem!

Visit Carnivore Club Now

trulocal meat products

2) truLocal

Delivery Zones – Ontario, Alberta, BC
Shipping Cost  – Free
 Aprox $65 a week for a meal kit for 2 people

Based out of Canada we were excited to try out TruLocal and we weren’t disappointed! If you live in Ontario, Alberta, or British Columbia you can take advantage of the free shipping right to your front door in a dry iced box full of frozen meats based on the package that you choose.

TruLocal is a great option for people that care about where their food comes from. The advantage is that the meats from TruLocal are Free Run, locally sourced from farmers in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia and are Antibiotic-Free with no added hormones.

You can order you meats in two different sized boxes – $125 for the small and $250 for the large and you can set the frequency of your deliveries or even pause them until you are ready for a new order.


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  1. Glad I stumbled across the page! I ordered from TruLocal originally and loved it! I get foods from them every couple of months now because the one grocery store in the area has crappy cuts of steak. I looked at the Carnivore Club post too, may have to check them out since I really like meats. I will keep an eye out for any more companies that you add to here.

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