Chefs Plate Review


Quick Summary:
The food quality was impressive and the meals were very tasty. If you are inept in the kitchen, Chefs Plate will help you learn how to cook some really good meals in very short time.

One of the biggest Canadian success stories in the meal kit services industry is Chefs Plate. Started in Toronto in 2014 they have steadily grown to become one of the biggest meal delivery kit companies in Canada and I decided it was worth trying them out to give you my honest review of Chefs Plate and let you know if it’s worth it for you to join.

How Does Chefs Plate Work?

Chefs Plate is a meal delivery kit that sends you weekly meals that you pre-chose, right to your front door. Most of the ingredients are provide although you need to supply some ingredients in certain meals. Once you’ve joined you can select between “Classic”, “Family”, “Vegetarian” and 15 minute selections based on how many family members you want to feed and how many meals you want to order that week. There is a selection of 12 meals each week and 4 for Vegetarians. You can choose what day you want your food delivered on and everything comes ready to cook that night.

Menu Options

The Chefs Plate menu changes every week which is great if you want variety but not as great if there was a meal that you had that you wanted to try again. I ordered 3 meals which were the Pork Po’ Boy Sandwich, Greek Chicken Tenders and Tzatziki and the Thanksgiving Meatloaves with mashed potatoes and gravy. Other meals I’ve ordered in the past and had delivered from Chefs Plate were a Spicy Sausage Arrabiata, a Mediterranean Rainbow Veggie Bowl with Goat cheese and basil and an Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich with potato wedges.

How Much Does Chefs Plate Cost?

Most meals start at $8.99 per serving but there are some meals that are more expensive based on what is being provided. For two people ordering 3 meals in a week it can work out to on average about $60 for the week but with our exclusive discount you’ll save 50% off your first meal making it a really great deal to try out Chefs Plate!

Where Does Chefs Plate Deliver?

When you go to the Chefs Plate website there will be a pop up that shows up asking you for your postal code to see if they delivery in your area. Right now homes in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia can get Chefs Plate delivered to them. They continue to expand so it’s only a matter of time before everyone in Canada can enjoy meals from Chefs Plate.

Right now Chefs Plate is a Canadian only company and does operate in the United States.

Where Does The Meal Kit Food Come From?

All food from Chefs Plate comes from Canadian Farmers as stated on their website. By skipping the grocery chains you are getting the freshest products directly from farmers and suppliers.

How Do You Cancel Chefs Plate Subscription?

When you join and make your first meal purchase you will leave a credit card on file. If you don’t want to get a meal during a certain week or more you can “Skip” your delivery that week and you will not be charged anything.  You can skip up to 6 weeks in advance but you can also go into your account settings and change the “Curated Recipes” to not automatically choose your meals which means unless you make a meal choice you won’t get a delivery.

To cancel your whole subscription altogether you will have to contact Chefs Plate directly at the numbers listed on their website. The also have an email support system you can make cancellation requests too.

Chefs Plate Pros and Cons

The Pros

The Cons

My Experience Ordering From Chefs Plate

I gave Chefs Plate a live test myself to see how the experience was from start to finish. I will take you through the unboxing to the final product.

What I ordered

After some deliberation and back and forth with the family we decided to go with the Greek Chicken Tenders with Tzatziki sauce, the Pork Po’ Boy Sandwich and the Thanksgiving Meatloaves with mashed potatoes.

chefs plate greek chicken
Greek Chicken Tenders shown on website

How My Order Arrived and Unboxing

It was delivered through Canada Post with my regular mail delivery. I was emailed a reminder that the delivery was coming that day and it was left on my door step around 11am.

The menu booklet comes on top and my order which had 3 meals in it came in three separate bags with all the ingredients you need to make your meal (you will need a few staple ingredients to make your meals but those are noted when you make your meal order). They also packed under three big bags of ice the pork, chicken and ground turkey that is needed for the various recipes. The ice packs were still frozen solid and the meats were still really cold so I had no concerns about the food becoming spoiled.

Meal Prep and Cook Time

Two of the meals ordered were regular meals that were advertised to take 30 and 35 minutes to cook but one (the Greek Chicken Tenders and Tzatziki) was a 15 minute meal. I made the Greek Chicken Tenders in about 20 minutes but 15 minutes is doable if you multitask…I was taking my time in making my meals. The Pork Po’ Boy Sandwich took 35 minutes but that was mainly due to the potato wedges needing around 30 minutes to fully cook just on their own.

Final Product and Thoughts

Both the meals I made were pretty good. All the ingredients came fresh which I was concerned about with the lettuce and spinach becoming wilted and bad looking by the time it was delivered. The buns for the Pork Sandwich were fresh when used 3 days after delivery which is important for a sandwich. Taste wise I was really happy with both meals (the 3rd one that was delivered I never got a chance to eat but those that did enjoyed it). It is nice having the recipe cards to be able to try them out again even using my own ingredients that I can buy.

Would I order from Chefs Plate again? The discount you get with the first order when you join Chefs Plate makes it a great deal in terms of costs, even if you just want to test it out for a week or so. The food quality was impressive and the meals were pretty tasty I must say! If you are inept in the kitchen, Chefs Plate will help you learn how to cook some really good meals. If you simply struggle coming up with ideas for a quick dinner then again Chefs Plate is a great option to look into so yes, I would order from Chefs Plate again.