Looking for Vegetarian or Vegan Meal Kits? Chef's Plate may be the right food delivery service for you.
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If you are a vegetarian or a vegan or are planning on giving up meat for a healthier lifestyle or for other ethical reasons then you’ll agree that it’s not always easy to find places that cater to vegetarians. Fortunately Chef’s Plate is one of your best options!

What is Chefs Plate?

Chef’s Plate is a meal kit service that delivers throughout Canada and continues to expand. They have meal plans for everyone ranging from single people to families and from Meat Lovers to Vegetarians and Vegans. Their recipes come with most of the ingredients you need to create the dish you ordered and can be eating is just 15 minutes in many cases.

Is Chef’s Plate Good For A Vegetarian?

Yes – Chef’s Plate offers four weekly meals that are catered to vegetarians and these change every week so you can have a different meal or two each week delivered to your door.

Is Chef’s Plate Good For A Vegan?

Sometimes! Chef’s Plate does offer Vegan meals but not every week and they aren’t as plentiful as the vegetarian options are. Although they do keep expanding their recipes and menu choices, you may have to skip some weeks on Chef’s Plate to get the Vegan meals you are looking for.

Can I Order From Both the Classic and the Vegetarian Meal Plan?

Yes – The Classic weekly has 12 meals to choose from (although the vegetarian options are included in the list) whereas the Vegetarian one has four so if you have a family that has some that are vegetarians and some that aren’t you can create a meal plan that works for everyone in the house.

Any Special Promos at Chef’s Plate?

Yes – If you sign up and order today you can get 50% off you first order which makes it a great reason to try out Chef’s Plate and see if it fits your Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle.

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