Ever thought of getting a home meal kit delivered to you? We break down the top 5 reasons this industry is booming.
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If you are not already on the home delivery meal kits bandwagon, you are missing one of the hottest trends in home cooked meals…  Thousands of Canadians are now using services such as Hello Fresh or Chefs Plate to save time, for convenience, and to have fun spending time in the kitchen again.  And what’s best is ordering meal kit services can actually save you money while teaching you how to improve your cooking skills at the same time!

Here are some great reasons why giving one of Canada’s top home delivery meal kit options a try it totally worth it:

Delivered Right To Your Door – No Need To Spend Time Grocery Shopping

I love sales.  I flip through the flyers each week or use Flipp to make my grocery list and end up visiting several stores just to save some money on my entire grocery list.  What I am realizing though as my life gets busier is I waste a lot of time AND money doing this by flipping through listings, picking out items, driving to various stores (only to realize that sale items are regularly sold out or “on sale for a reason”…) only to end up coming home and not cooking anything remarkably tasty or complex.  There has to be a better way!  Then I tried my first home delivery meal kit…and then my 2
nd, then my 3rd… and have realized that it is so simple to come home, open the box that is sitting in front of my door, and cook a tasty meal using easy to follow directions with no waste.  Boy, have I been missing out for years!

I am amazed that I have been cooking so many bland and simple meals where I could have been experiencing so many more flavors and so much more variety while saving time and money along the way. With the prepared meal kits I haven’t had to do any planning, just simply enjoy the fun of picking and choosing from a wide variety of meal choices.  It has also helped me to eat healthier and experience new tastes and I haven’t been scared to explore the world of seafood…something I have tended to avoid because of simple lack of knowledge of ingredients, preparation and cooking methods.

And as a true bonus, I don’t need to run out at the last minute for a missing ingredient or to replace something that has gone bad in the fridge or pantry or to remember to take something out of the freezer the night before, etc…  Everything we get in our meal kits is truly fresh so I am not scrambling to use produce that is about to expire.  Even our restaurant spending is down because we are making more meals at home lately.

Save Money On Ingredients – No Spices Left Behind

After trying over a dozen different meal kits now, I have used about 20 different spices to create some of the wonderful and delicious recipes that I have eaten.  It would have cost me a couple hundred dollars to buy those spices in the grocery store and I would have only used a fraction of each and be stuck with 20 bottles with 95% of the spice sitting there slowly going bad over time.  One of the great things though, is I have discovered several go-to spices such as Cumin and Paprika that I now will use regularly in my own cooking without being scared of how much to use or when to use them.  Let’s call them my new “staples of flavor”!

food spices

If you look at how much you actually have to spend to buy all the ingredients for some meals, a single complex dinner can cost over $100 for just 2 plates.  Sure you have leftovers, but who wants to eat the same ingredients for several nights in a row just to use them up before they go bad and you have to throw them out?

No More Wasted Food – Your Fridge Will Thank You

I am so sick of buying a bunch of groceries and not using them in time or not using all the ingredients and sifting through my fridge each month with 25-50% of it ending up in the compost or trash.  That’s one of the great things about home delivery meal kits…nothing goes to waste.  You are provided with just enough of each ingredient to complete the meals you are cooking.  This alone saves me quite a bit of money in the end as I am not wasting part of my grocery money each month on something that goes in the garbage.  I mean how many times have you thrown out half a bag of potatoes that have become mushy or lettuce that has browned or sauces that become expired or moldy.  Sure I can buy 1 or 2 potatoes for the same price as a whole bag, but that just seems wrong, yet in the end somehow, that is all I end up using!  The great thing is, now that I have had so much practice with cooking new meals, I am learning to make my own sauces and saving quite a bit of money buying prepared bottles that I may only use once or twice before the rest gets thrown out.

The meals also tend to be healthier because they are designed to be true portion sizes rather than the humongous amounts I tend to end up with when I try to cook for myself just to use up the produce so I don’t have to throw it out.  And I no longer avoid vegetables in my meals because just about every home delivery meal kit includes them in the meals and they are way more tasty than I could ever create without following an online video or recipe.

Learn To Cook – Guided Recipes Will Help You Become Gordon Ramsey In No Time

After trying about a dozen home delivery meal kits now over the last several months, I have realized that suddenly I have a host of personal cooking skills now at my disposal.  My knife skills have improved drastically.  My timing with a frying pan or grill or oven has become fluid.  And having been exposed to many new ingredients, I am learning a whole new world of flavors and generating my own ideas of how to create new recipes and meals.  Not to mention learning the true meaning of how to season food properly…which ultimately is the difference between a bland meal and a refined scrumptious and satisfying plate.

Repeated practice with the provided recipe cards has also led me to learn many of the basics of cooking such as “mise en place” meaning putting everything in place or organizing your ingredients before you start so everything goes smoothly.  I even know what a “roux” is – the steps to starting most sauces for professional and tasty dishes…so now I can experiment by tweaking the ingredients I add to my roux to make dozens of different finishing sauces – amazing just to be able to do this and have a simple steak turn out so many various ways.  I could go on forever with all the little things I have learned like how to skin and crush garlic quickly, how to knead dough, how to blanch, how to make a kick-ass marinade, how to make a vinaigrette or pickle some veggies, etc… but that is really for a completely different article!  Bottom line I am learning a ton and having fun doing it.

Make Cooking Great Again – Unique Meals Makes Being In The Kitchen Fun Again

I can not stress how much satisfaction you get by having a box of organized food delivered to your door.  Speaking of stress, ordering a prepared meal kit relieves a lot of the agony of having to shop, plan, and ultimately figure out home dinner plans…to the point where most people simply skip the dishes and order in, or go out for meals, or resort to simple meals like Kraft dinner or frozen entrees.  Simply put, making unique tasty meals regularly by yourself is not easy for us normal busy people who have never been trained in culinary school.

Besides, cooking can be fun when you have the exact ingredients in hand and an easy to understand recipe guide card complete with instructions and pictures of what you are supposed to do and what you are supposed to end up with as your final dish.  Another great bonus is you get to try many unique meals and will eventually be able to replicate them on your own if you choose to or can tweak the recipes to your own liking down the road.

I have found that team cooking with my wife with the meal kits has been a blast and a cool bonding experience that we both look forward to once or twice a month.  One of us will do the prep and organization such as chopping the veggies or mixing ingredients, while the other does the grilling or frying.  We laugh and learn together and it can definitely prevent arguments over what to eat.  It is even fun to take turns or jointly pick out our meals from the various options each week on each of the home delivery meal kit websites.

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