How truLocal is helping Canadian farmers and consumers alike.
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TruLocal is slowly becoming a true Canadian success story. Started in 2016 they were a young company making a mark on the Meat Subscription industry in Canada but after a successful appearance on the Dragons Den and a deal from Michele Romanow (@MicheleRomanow ) it has started to pay dividends for Canadians both consumers and for small businesses mainly farmers.  After that appearance on Dragon’s Den, truLOCAL has taken off in popularity but they have remained true to their core business model of providing local Ontario farmer’s products directly to Canadians across Canada.

Originally based out of Ontario, TruLocal has since expanded to farms in Alberta and British Colombia and now ships across most of Canada allowing fresh meats made by local farmers to reach people that want to eat healthy meats, raised hormone free and ethically farmed.

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How truLocal Is Helping Canadian Farmers

Since expanding out of Ontario, TruLocal has teamed up with farms in Alberta and BC to provide buyers with meats and fish that are grown in smaller family run farms that can focus on providing the best quality meats without having to cut corners or costs to make ends meet.

At the time of this being written, truLOCAL was now working with six Ontario farms for their beef, chicken, lamb and also had a seafood importer originally from the east coast but now operating out of Kitchener-Waterloo whose responsible for importing the best seafood products from around the world, avoiding China and their uncertain practices and focussing on countries that have high quality standards which include the U.S., South and Central America, Europe, New Zealand, the Caribbean, and of course Canada’s two coasts.

These handpicked Ontario farms derive about 60% of their business from truLOCAL and allows them to focus on the quality of their products and cultivate new business ventures without having to cut corners and costs and most importantly quality when it comes to their farming.  Some examples include small farms like Beverly Creek Farms in Millgrove Ontario that provide Ontario lamb which is gaining popularity as being some of the best lamb in the world or Farmcrest Foods in Salmon Arm BC which was the first non-GMO verified chicken farmers in Canada. In Alberta there’s Wild Rose Angus which has been raising Angus beef for over 30 years in Fort MacLeod Alberta…These farms and the dozens of others that they source their meats from aren’t the mass producers that you find in grocery stores that are shipped from parts of the world that is less regulated and cheaper – these are farmers that you’ll find at Farmer’s markets drumming up more business and selling their meats because supplying TruLocal is only a percentage of their business.

TruLocal has created jobs for farmers who have expanded their businesses and hired more workers to keep the orders flowing. Money that was previously spent on meats from the US or China is now staying in Canada.

How truLocal is Helping Canadian Consumers

We are all now more aware of what we eat. For years we turned a blind eye to big companies selling us steak and chicken full of hormones and preservatives sourced from countries like the US and Britain and in many cases Asian countries like China. Costs are lower coming from other countries but unfortunately so is quality and in some cases safety. Many Canadians are now paying attention to what we eat and reading labels more thoroughly and finding hormone free, non GMO products are important. Additionally we’ve all seen the mistreatment of animals especially in other parts of the world and knowing that the farmers that supply TruLocal with grass fed antibiotic free beef, or free run chickens and Alaskan sockeye salmon from an MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified fishery should make everyone that orders from TruLocal feel good about the foods they eat.

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Is truLocal Worth It?

The proof is in the taste!

All cards on the table, I learned about TruLocal a year ago seeing them at the Cottage Life show and was impressed enough to try them out. I didn’t get a great deal like the one we are going to be offering you but when I crunched the numbers of what I was getting compared to what I was paying at Loblaws and Sobeys at the meat counter I was paying about the same. The difference was in the taste, I noticed the difference in taste right away and the quality is undeniable!

So far I have order 3 times from them because the amount of meat that gets delivered is enough to keep us in check for a bit but you can look over their website and decide what is best for you and your family.  Although I was never a fan of having my food delivered to me, especially butcher shop meats…I have been converted because of excellent quality and knowing that my orders are also helping sustain our Ontario farming industry also gives me a dose of satisfaction too!

What to help farmers in Canada and still get some of the best tasting meats out there? 

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