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Quick Summary:
High quality meats delivered right to your front door that actually taste great. Quick delivery, well packaged and at a comparable price to most big chain stores. Their fresh farm quality and taste cannot be replicated at your local grocery store.

I first heard about truLOCAL going to a cottage show and did some online research and thought they were worth the try. I decided to make my first order and do a true actual review of the product. As you will find out below I ordered a whack of meat but first let me take you through the basics about meat delivery service truLocal.

Important to note that with my order I used TruLocal Promo Code HDMKSTEAK and got 2 FREE Sirloin Steaks using that code.  It is an official truLocal special offer and you can use it with your order as well to claim the free steaks.

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How Does trulocal Work?

truLOCAL is a meat subscription company that allows you to order top quality cuts of meat from local farmers in Canada right to your front door at affordable prices. Started in Ontario and a successful pitcher on Dragon’s Den, truLOCAL has expanded to service the majority of Canada and with farmers now in Alberta and BC joining the Ontario farmers as being the sole producers of meats for the TruLocal community, the sky’s the limit for this Canadian success story.

Trulocal Menu Options

Meat, Meat, some seafood and meat! Sirloin steaks, pork tenderloin, whole chickens, Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon, Organic Turkey Thighs, Atlantic Haddock…the list keeps going! You can order multiples of one thing like steaks or a combination of foods that will make your freezer the envy of all the neighbours.

Find out what I ordered below in my actual taste test review.

How Much Does trulocal Cost?

truLOCAL comes in two different size boxes: the smaller $125 box which is the total price and includes shipping and gives you up to 18 portions of meats, or the larger $249 box which is also the total price and gives you up to 40 portions of meat.

Where Does truLocal Deliver?

truLOCAL is based in Ontario, and also operates out of Alberta and BC but ships nationwide to most postal codes in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and New Brunswick. Currently it’s only available to Canadians. Shipping is free and your order usually will be delivered in 1-2 days which is an awesome turnaround time if you have decided to host a big BBQ and have no time to shop for meat

Where Does The Meat Come From?

truLocal uses small farms in Ontario, Alberta and British Colombia for their meats and fish. Each province has their own specialties and if you are in Ontario you will get Ontario farm meats, if you are in Alberta you will get meats produced by Alberta farmers, same scenario in BC. The rest of the country gets delivered meats from those provinces depending on what you order and where you live in Canada.

Ontario Suppliers

According to their website truLocal supports 8 local Ontario farms which supply them for their meat.  Here’s some more information about truLocal’s top suppliers:

Townsend Butchers

  • Location: Simcoe, Ontario
  • Been in operation since 1972, family run business (The Miedema Family)
  • Speciality Product: Home Cured Bacon
  • Examples of Products Supplied: Bacon, Pork Roast, Back Ribs, Pork Chops, Strip Loin Steak

West Grey Premium Beef

  • Location: West Grey, Ontario
  • History dates back to the 1800’s
  • Cattle is raised by them and some of the best farmers in Ontario
  • Speciality Product: Salt and Pepper Beef Burger

Caudle's Catch Seafood

  • Location: Kitchener, Ontario
  • Opened in 1986, The Caudle’s moved from Halifax to Kitchener and started the business
  • Speciality Product: Icelandic Wild Cod, Wild Cod Sockeye Salmon
  • Cod is flown in from Iceland multiple times a week to maintain ultimate freshness

Beverly Creek Farms

  • Location: Millgrove, Ontario
  • Family run business started in 2000
  • Speciality Product: Lamb Loin Chops
  • Humane handling and all animals are given plenty of space, shelter and green pastures

Alberta Suppliers

truLocal supports around 9 local Alberta farms which supply them for their meat and seafood.  Here’s a look at their top Alberta suppliers:

Wild Rose Angus

  • Location: Fort Macleod, Alberta
  • Been in operation for over three decades
  • Guaranteed antibiotic free and no added growth hormones whatsoever in all their meat
  • Speciality Product: Angus beef which is wet-aged for 28 days

Effing Seafoods

  • Location: St. Albert, Alberta
  • Owner comes from a fishing family and specialized in oysters for many years
  • Seafood from all over the world that is tracked from the moment it leaves the ocean to it arrives in their store
  • Speciality Product: Red Sea Bream

How Do You Cancel A Trulocal Meat Subscription?

truLOCAL is a meat subscription company and you can set up to have your meats delivered automatically once every 2 weeks, three weeks, monthly or every six week. You can also pause your order if you only need to order a large amount every so often.

If you truly aren’t happy with them and want to know how to cancel your truLOCAL subscription, you simply login to your account on the website, go to the “My Account” tab on the page, click “Subscriptions” and scroll down to near the bottom and click “Cancel My Subscription”.

Why Order from Trulocal?

I live in Toronto and can get access to butcher shops everywhere including going to the St. Lawrence Market…but not everyone lives in a big city and has access to top quality cuts of meat. Smaller cities in Canada may have a big box store like a Walmart or a Sobeys but their butcher shops are run by minimum wage earning teenagers that are getting their meats from China or the US where the quality control can be suspect. Little by little people are starting to embrace our local farms and focussing their orders from places knowing that they are producing ethically grown meats that are not genetically modified (non GMO), are free range and are packed fresh and delivered quickly right to your front door. Those that do live in the smaller communities can make an order with truLOCAL and order enough food for a family of 4 for the month and it will cost as much as or even less than it would going to a big box store…and the taste is 10 times better!

My Experience Ordering Meat From trulocal

I’m a big time meat eater so I had to  give truLocal a taste test for myself to truly get a sense of the quality of the meat, the delivery time and how well packaged it was once it arrived on my doorstep.

What I ordered

My first order at truLOCAL consisted of the following: 2 Pork Tenderloins, 3 Sirloin Steaks, 2 orders of Ontario Beef Meatballs, Korean Style Short Ribs, Grass Fed and Finished Oktoberfest Sausages, Pork Side Ribs, Hidden Root’s Chicken Wings and a Beef Burger.

Oh yeah I went all in!

How My Order Arrived and Unboxing

I was very impressed with the whole delivery process which only took 2 days!  The box came and as the pictures show, everything was still frozen solid and that was at 7 pm at night. 

It came in a cardboard box which surrounded a styrofoam container that was sealed. On the top was a recipe card for a Liver and Wild Mushroom recipe and a personal sticky note saying “Happy Halloween” which was a couple of days away (a nice touch).   Inside was a dry ice pack which was easy to dispose of and all my ordered meat was packed up and still frozen solid. I popped everything into the freezer for the upcoming weekend.

Meal Prep and Taste test

That weekend we cooked up the sirloin steaks for dinner and lunch the next day were the beef burgers. After thawing the steaks in the fridge for a day they tasted just as fresh as bought at the store and laugh all you wish, I could taste the difference of how that steak tasted compared to the ones I had from Sobeys not that long ago.

Final TruLocal Thoughts

After running the numbers the costs were pretty close to what I would have spent buying the meats at a local shop so someone that is ordering in a smaller town in Canada is going to be happy with the deal that truLOCAL turns out to be.

Will I order from truLOCAL again! I don’t BBQ as much in the winter so I have set up my orders to come once every 6 weeks and given what I’ve tasted so far, I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other options on their meat menu. In other words, yes I will be an ongoing customer at truLocal and you’d be missing out to not to at least try them out once if you are a meat lover!


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