carnivore club review

Carnivore Club Review

Carnivore Club Summary

Delivers To

USA and Canada

Shipping Fees


Average Prices

Snack Box – $29.99
Classic Box – $49.99 (Best Deal)

Review Rating


  • Great Variety of Meats
  • Can Make 1 Time Purchases
  • Excellent Charcuterie Boards for Holidays or arty Hosting


  • Meats more for the connoisseur as they are artisan in nature

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When it comes to having meal kits delivered to your home there is a wide variety of concepts to choose from. Some of our other reviews such as truLocal or Chefs Plate are an example of two very different home delivery meal services and our Review of Carnivore Club follows in those footsteps. If you are looking for a true “Meat of the Month” subscription service that send you a selection of meats from around the world on a monthly basis then you really should give Carnivore Club a try.

How Does Carnivore Club Work?

Carnivore Club is a monthly meat subscription company that will send you a box of “Meats of the Month” every month. There are two size choices of boxes (snack box and classic). The snack box size has a limited amount of meats in them whereas the Classic box comes with full sticks of meats which are great for a charcuterie spread and sharing with people.

Carnivore Club Menu

Meat, meat and then some more meat! The main option for ordering from Carnivore Club are getting meat subscription boxes which come with a variety of different meats depending on which box you choose Each month the meats that come change which is part of the appeal of joining Carnivore Club because you get to try out different types of meats that you would never have normally thought about trying.   They also have a variety of Jerky products which usually come in a pack of 3.

Some of their most popular meat boxes include:

Wild Game Meat Sampler
Taste of Europe Salami Pack
Sliced Chorizo Navarra
Keto Meat Snacks Sampler
Gluten Free Meat Packs

How Much Does Carnivore Club Cost?

If you choose to buy the Sample Box it is $29.99 + $9.99 in shipping (taxes extra). The better deal is the Classic Box which is $44.99 + shipping and taxes and you’ll get a better selection of meats.  The cheapest box you can get is around $39.99 but there are cheaper Jerky packs available for around $25.

Remember, if you use our Carnivore Club Promo Code HDMK15, you can save 15% on your total purchase! Make sure you know exactly what you are getting with any promo code you use for Carnivore Club as some promo codes will simply give you a FREE knife which is worth about $8…our discount code gets you 15% off your order which in my opinion is better value for you.

Where Does Carnivore Club Deliver?

Carnivore Club delivers to the USA by either UPS or the US Postal Service and in Canada either through Canada Post or CANPAR Express.

Where Do The Meat Products Come From?

All over the world! In my more recent Carnivore Club Classic Boxes I got a Chorizo sausage from Spain! Many of their meats come from the UK, United States and Canada but meats from France and even Australia will show up on occasion too.

How Do I cancel Carnivore Club?

If you aren’t happy with Carnivore Club, cancelling is easy. Log into your account, go to the “My Subscriptions” tab and scroll down until you find the cancellation tab. If you tried Carnivore Club as a onetime purchase then you don’t need to cancel as you won’t be getting any reoccurring boxes anyway.

Why Choose Carnivore Club as a Meat Subscription Service?

If you love to entertain and offer up a charcuterie plate for your guests then you really need to have a subscription to Carnivore Club! Their Classic box alone is enough to provide a nice size plate for guests and if you pair it with some nice cheeses and breads you will have people wanting to visit you every month to try out new meats. The last order we did from Carnivore Club was focussed on meats from Spain but as mentioned above there are offerings from Australia, the UK and other parts of the world so if you are one that loves trying out different types of meats from around the world then you can’t go wrong using Carnivore Club. You also don’t have to have it come monthly, you can spread out your deliveries or even skip some if you don’t like the sounds of the selection coming in the next month (so far I have never had this problem as every month the meats sound awesome and worth a taste!).

Final Thoughts on Carnivore Club

The Classic Box that I ordered wasn’t a huge package so you won’t be killing yourself trying to find space in your fridge. It comes in a nice red box and came with a recipe card for a Chorizo Pasta which looked really good and will be a meal at the dinner table soon enough. Our Spanish themed order came with five pieces and easily we could have made a big charcuterie plate and still have leftovers to spare. Carnivore Club is meant for people that are connoisseurs and can appreciate artisan meats and specialty products and also want to share them with family or guests. It’s a great option for hosting around the holidays and if you know someone that is a big meat eater or meat lover then sending a gift box or even a gift subscription to Carnivore Club is a great idea.

I tried the meats out on my family first and fortunately we had a family gathering that weekend and we made up a Charcuterie plate with what we had delivered and added some cheeses and breads. There was nothing left over by the end of the night and made me regret not ordering a second box that month. On the Brightside, I now know what to get my father in law for a Christmas gift since he hovered over the plate quite often it seemed.

Carnivore Club is worth ordering (especially with the 15% discount using Promo Code HDM15) for special occasions or if you host friends and family over often. If you simply love meat…you still can’t go wrong with Carnivore Club. Don’t take our word for it, make an order and let us know your review of Carnivore Club in our comment section below!

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