truLocal delivers 100% grass feed beef to your doorsteps. We test out their Ontario beef meatballs to see if they pass the taste test.
trulocal ontario meatballs

When I made my first order from truLOCAL one of the meats I was excited to try were their Ontario beef meatballs. With most stuff you buy from them like steak or chicken the taste is dependent on how you choose to prepare them but with meatballs the taste is dependent on how they were already prepared.

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On the truLOCAL site the meatballs are simply classified as Ontario Beef Meatballs and on the package they are simply called Salt and Pepper Beef Meatballs which is an appropriate name for them given the simplicity of the ingredients. Listed for the ingredients is: beef, water, salt and pepper. Ultimately the verdict on how good the truLocal meatballs taste comes down to the quality of the meat.

I have made meatballs at home and bought plenty of store bought ones in my life. Store bought meatballs can taste good but are filled with preservatives and other ingredients that I would never make at home. Homemade meatballs I have made with both cheap Walmart ground beef and I have tried recipes with more expensive ground beef from a butcher shop. There is a noticeable difference in taste between cheap meat and more expensive meat.

Where Does truLOCAL Beef Meatballs Come From?

Although on the package it doesn’t state it, a quick glance at the truLOCAL website the states the meatballs are from West Grey Premium Beef which is a farm which is in Grey County south of Durham in Ontario.

Learn more about West Grey Premium Beef here:

How Did I Cook The Meatballs From truLOCAL?

On the package it recommends cooking the meatballs either on the BBQ or pan fried in a bit of oil. I chose the pan fry method which is generally how I make my own meatballs. Using a bit of extra virgin olive oil I pan fried them over medium heat and checked the internal temperature to make sure they were done. For my meal I made a rose sauce and some capellini pasta but meatballs are generally tastier in a traditional spaghetti sauce or marinara sauce.

trulocal meatballstrulocal meatballs package

So now the question I faced was:

How good were the truLOCAL beef meatballs?

The Verdict –
Pretty Damn Tasty!

Before I ladled the sauce on and put them on a bed of noodles I cut into one to double check if it was fully cooked but also to try them out without anything to deter from the true taste. The taste was juicy and delicious although with the lack of spices other than the salt and pepper you will need to add in the sauce or gravy to truly enjoy them. With my rose sauce they were delicious and it was a tasty meal on a Saturday night.

trulocal meatballs cooked

trulocal meatballs

Would I order the meatballs from truLOCAL again?

Well it depends!

Taste wise you can’t go wrong with their Ontario beef meatballs and if you want to have some in the freezer to have quick access to meatballs, it certainly easier than making them yourself. If you are making a truLOCAL order and are stuck deciding on a last 1 point item to complete your order then their meatballs are worth the point it costs.

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