best gluten free meals

Best Gluten Free Meal Delivery Kits

Gluten Free diets have become an important staple in many households. For some it’s a lifestyle choice but for some Gluten Free products are a necessity for medical and health reasons.

Thankfully with the advent of home meal delivery kits and boxes people looking for gluten free cooking options can now have tasty meals delivered to them right to their door.

Our Best Gluten Free Meal Kits

Chefs Plate

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Chefs Plate has up to 4 different recipes each week with options for gluten free and dairy free menus.  They are very detailed with their ingredient list so you can check each meal kit to see if it contains anything that may be a concern for your diet.

Hello Fresh

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Hello Fresh does not have seperate menu’s specifically for gluten free but they do tag each meal plan. So once you click on the recipe of your choice you will be able to see whether they are gluten free or not. Their list of gluten free meals are one of the best out there and each meal looks absolutely delicious. 

What are the Benefits of Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Kits?

Being on a gluten free diet has been linked to a number of healthy benefits such as improving cholesterol levels, improving your digestion, boosting energy levels and it promotes healthy foods by eliminating high fat, sugar and fried foods. In addition, eating a gluten free diet studies have shown reduces heart disease, certain forms of cancers and diabetes while helping your body stave off viruses by increasing the vitamins and minerals that you can take in by eating other foods.

For people looking to lose weight being on a gluten free diet will cut down on calories that would come in grains, breads and pastas and steers you away from processed foods which are unhealthy and laden with chemicals and preservatives which will also help steer you into a healthier lifestyle and help you lower your body weight.

By ordering home meal kits that focus on gluten free choices you can get all the ingredients you need without spending hours at a grocery store reading labels and then searching for all the proper ingredients that you find from an online menu that you won’t even know if it tastes good until you made it the first time. Home delivery kits have been tested and created by chefs to produce top quality meals using top ingredients. Best off all, you’ll know exactly what to buy again from the delivery company or if you decide to venture out on your own you will know exactly what to get at the grocery store to remake the meal the next time.

How Are Gluten Free Delivery Kits Different

Because for some being gluten free isn’t a choice but more of a need for medical and health reasons meal delivery companies that provide a gluten free option make a concerted effort to promote safety in their food preparation practices by not only finding the proper ingredients but having strict handling procedures to make sure that there is no cross contamination. People with celiac disease and other serious medical allergies that need to avoid gluten need to feel confident that the products they get are safe to eat which is why many doctors, dieticians, weight loss specialists and other health professions recommend people start off with meal delivery companies that are high quality and known for their gluten free options to get them started on learning how to prepare meals for themselves.

Another benefit for delivery kits as opposed to shopping on your own is that in some cases a great tasting healthy meal could require a number of ingredients and buying individually at a grocery store can sometimes cost more than having a company that buys in bulk and gets lower costs which in turn can make your meal more affordable if cooking for a larger family. Throw in how long it takes to source out the products out in the grocery aisles and your time becomes even more important. Many companies have already prepared meals that require a 10 minute run in a microwave and you are eating a home cooked meal.

What is The Right Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Kit for You?

There are obviously different types of gluten free kits to consider. For some, the joy of cooking remains and getting a kit that is put together with ingredients is important. For others, having a mixture of gluten free and standard food options is important if other members of the household aren’t into a gluten free lifestyle and for some having it delivered prepared and thrown into an oven or a microwave is the way to go.

Finding a company that not only has a great selection of gluten free products but ones that taste good and affordable is a hard combo to come up with. Also finding a company that has a large variety of meals is important so that you aren’t stuck with a few dishes that you will tire of quickly.

If you can’t find a company that has a rotation of menu choices then it may be worth considering joining multiple companies and rotating through them (you can also take advantage of some of the new sign up promos below that will greatly lower the costs of the meals). Finding a good variety of meals will help you in eating healthy and sticking to a healthier diet especially if you are trying to lose weight.
Remember too when looking for a home meal kit with gluten free products to also look at the portion sizes and nutritional information to make sure it suits what your goals are. If you are looking to lose weight, smaller portion meals is more important than somebody who has celiac disease and simply wants good food and doesn’t worry about the portion sizes at all.

Finally, price is a big factor from one company to the next as some will be more expensive but for a larger family it may even out the costs that line up more with a cheap dinner out or even a grocery store prepared meal.