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You’re busy!

Too busy to cook healthy at home…too busy to go get groceries…and it’s way easier to either go out with friends and eat a meal at a restaurant or to simply throw in a frozen pizza and eat!  But the dinners out are starting to get expensive and you are starting to hate pizza and how it makes you look in the mirror.

Time for the solution that everyone in Canada is getting in on…Time to have your food delivered right to your home as a meal delivery kit!

Why do I want my meal delivered in a kit?

The Health Benefits

If you order from some of the popular meal kits in Canada like Chefs Plate or Hello Fresh you are getting the freshest ingredients and a healthy meal kit that you’ve chosen which is not only good for you, it is portion controlled – so that you aren’t pigging out on the meal. I know when I try to cook at home, not only do I make way too much (especially pasta), I end up eating seconds, thirds etc… I also seem to skip a lot of the veggies in some of the stuff I make, which not only is bad for my health, but also doesn’t taste as good as it could with all the proper ingredients such as fresh herbs and spices.

It’s A Huge Time Saver

Have you been grocery shopping lately? Holy crap are the lineups ever long! I know, you can now order food for pick up from these places like Loblaws or Walmart or even have them delivered nowadays, but then you have to sit online forever finding all the ingredients you need and hope that the person stuffing the crate with your order cares enough to not only fill it correctly, but to give you the fresher produce and not what is closest to expiry. The meal kits from Chefs Plate and Hello Fresh have a reputation to uphold and will only provide the freshest of ingredients into your kit without having to make you pick every item in the recipe.

Cooking Is Fun! Ya That’s Right I Said It

When you know what you are doing in the kitchen, cooking is  a great time and if you have a bunch of friends together to do up a meal then it can become a whole evening of laughs. The money you save alone as opposed to sitting in a restaurant drinking overpriced wine and eating overpriced food. Seriously have you looked at wine prices lately, I can have a whole bottle at home for the price of 1 glass at a fancy restaurant, stop the madness people.

Speaking Of Price

Food at a restaurant is way over priced, but they are created by professionals that have tested and come up with meals that you are sure to enjoy, however, you are also paying for the server, the manager, the bartender, the bus boy, the rent of the building and the janitor that cleans up at the end of the night. When you order a meal kit you are getting a professionally created meal that is either being delivered completed to you already such as by Live Fit Foods, or the ingredients and recipe to make the meal that has been created by a professional chef…all for a fraction of what a restaurant will charge you for a meal. On average you will spend about $10 per person to create a meal at home for 2, which even if you went out and bought all your own ingredients at the grocery store for a meal, you probably are spending that much anyway with the costs of meat and fresh vegetables these days anyway!

Ya But I Don’t Need A Meal Kit Every Week

If you order from any of the top meal delivery options in Canada like Hello Fresh or Chefs Plate, you can cancel at any time and you aren’t trapped by any long-term commitments. That means if you want to try all of the top food delivery companies in Canada
 then you can check them all out individually and see which one suits you best. If you decide it’s not for you, at least you will have a bunch of new recipes to add to your collection!

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