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Meal delivery kits are all the rage and there are so many new companies to try out but one question I keep getting asked is if it’s worth it to get food delivered in a kit.

If you use some of our tips it can work out in your favor when it comes to your household budget.

Promotions Are Your Friend

First off – take advantage of the promos! As a new customer you will generally get either a discount on your first order, or get a free second order, or any one of a million different promo’s that are available from various companies. Most of the meal kits we talk about have listed with them the promo that you get when you join so take advantage and save money right away!

If you are comparing eating out at a restaurant or ordering a meal delivery kit then hands down you will save a fortune ordering from any of the Top Food Kits on our list. Eating out is super expensive and you will save with a kit!

Grocery Shopping vs Meal Kits

When you compare it to making food at home it’s gets a little trickier. Generally speaking it is more expensive to get a meal delivery kit with all its ingredients but it also depends on how you do your shopping. If you get your own groceries you will buy more than you need and ultimately throw away a bunch of extra food which means you’ll be wasting money there. Also, any spices you need for a recipe will mean you will buy more than you need since you usually only need a teaspoon or table spoon and the only way to buy that is to go to the bulk food stores and buy what you need but that is then a separate trip to another store in most cases. The other place where the price difference is hard to judge is costs of meats and vegetables can be expensive and you may be buying bigger portions than you need which again means either extra food is thrown out or you are spending more that it may cost to get the same ingredients from the meal delivery company.

Dinner For Two or Ten?

Another important factor is how many people are you feeding? If it’s just you then meal delivery kits will be good if you like a lot of leftovers. If you have a family of 4 or 5, the average cost per person decreases and it then starts to look like an even better deal.

If you take advantage of the promos that we offer on new meal kits and find the one(s) that fit your lifestyle and budget best you can eat some really spectacular meals for even less than you would pay if you tried shopping for the groceries and ingredients yourself!

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